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Coerver Center of Excellence

Coerver® Coaching is about developing soccer players with great skills. Coerver Minnesota’s Center of Excellence does this patiently, systematically and in depth over the course of  18 weekly sessions in winter months. COE players become different from others their age – most notably in the skill, poise and confidence with which they play. They will learn to “use that difference to make a difference” whenever they play.

Training is as challenging mentally as it is demanding physically. The COE programs follow detailed, written lesson plans. Sessions are designed to immerse the most talented players in high-level skills training. They are done in a “climate of fearlessness”, where mistakes are viewed as great learning opportunities.


Who Is Coerver Center of Excellence For?

The Coerver Center of Excellence is a soccer program designed for players who are high achievers, who enjoy challenge and competition, who love the game and put a high priority on soccer.

Typically these boys and girls will show determination – to get better, to learn all they can, to try things that are new and different. They will be persistent. They will have a competitive spirit, and perhaps a splash or two of guile. And they will demonstrate those qualities not just as athletes, but in most of the things they do.

The Minnesota Coerver Center of Excellence is designed specifically for players with those qualities above, and not every player will be suited to this program. We recognize, however, the obligation to provide skills training to players at every level. So we also offer a parallel 9 weeks Coerver Academy. Training program along the lines of our current “Ball Magic” and “Super Skills” Team Training for those athletes who are not yet at the Coerver Center of Excellence level of play.

Program Logistics

Dates -TBD

There are 18 90-minute sessions  made up of one session per week.


Times and Locations

National Sport Center

Champions Hall

Soccer Blast

West St. Paul Dome


Pricing & Policies

Center of Excellence Tuition -

Price includes the training sessions and an Adidas Coerver® Centers of Excellence uniform (shirt, shorts, socks)

Deposit $150
2nd Payment $120
3rd Payment $205
Total $475

Initial Payment

To reserve a spot for your child, a deposit of $150 is required. See “Paying Balances” below for information on completing the remainder of the payment. Any registrations made between 0-13 days before the first day of that camp will be required to be paid in full at time of registration.

Paying Balances

A second $120 payment totaling $ is due October 28th

The third and final $205 payment is due January 15, 2014

If payments are not received by 12:01am of due date the payments will be considered late and an additional $25 late fee will be assessed.

Campers cannot be accepted into camp until minimum payment of $270 has been received on October 28th. Below please find the options you have to complete your balance payments.

Registrations and payments will be collected online.  Please contact Coerver Minnesota if different payment options are required.

Group Policy

There will be no switching groups in the Coerver Center Of Excellence unless recommended by their Coerver COE  coach or director


If you cancel 14+ days before the first session, there is $50 cancellation fee. If you cancel between 1-13 days before the first session, the minimum deposit of $95 will not be returned. There will be no refunds once the Center of Excellence has started, unless the player is injured during the Coerver Colorado session.


Success cannot be achieved by players who are absent; in this program you can quickly fall enough behind to become a hindrance to the progress of your Coerver Select teammates. We know that even at the younger ages there are many things that call upon these players’ time. But in fairness to others, we ask that players who cannot commit to attend a minimum of 75% of the 18 instructional sessions leave those roster spots spot open for other athletes who can.


Additional  Info


  • Superior 1v1 Skills – the ability and confidence to take on and beat an opponent in a one-on-one situation, together with the poise to keep possession of the ball under strong defensive pressure. Players can expect some sort of one-on-one activity at every session.
  • A Dynamic First Touch – the skill and vision to place the ball with the first touch to a spot where it can be played again quickly and productively. This is also found in every session.
  • Accuracy and Power when striking a ball – with several surfaces of either foot.
  • Mastery of the Small Group Situations -(2v1, 3v1, 3v2, etc.) which are the building blocks of team play.
  • Mastery of the Great Soccer Habits that form the basis for a player’s “Sense of the Game” (i.e. “Game Smarts”)


First Day of Coerver Center of Excellence.

Center of Excellence uniforms will be distributed on the first day of Coerver COE.  If you are not in attendance you will be able to pick up your uniform from your coach at the next session.


What to Bring to Camp

  • Ball – write name and phone number on it
  • Water bottle – can refill at camp
  • Shin guards- required to be worn at all times on the field


Acceptance to the Coerver Center of Excellence

There are three paths to admission to the Coerver Center of Excellence. Players invited to attend the Coerver COE sessions should register online.

  1. The first is upon the recommendation of the coaches in our Camps and other programs. In those settings, senior members of the coaching staff will have evaluated the players by the standards listed in the previous section. Invitation letters are sent out in August to these players. The first wave of invitations each year is reserved for those who have attended the summer camp of that same year. Each wave has an “RSVP Date” by which to enroll. An invited player’s place is guaranteed until that date. An invited player may still enroll after that date, but acceptance will be dependent on space available. We expect this process to be completed in early September and that the program will be fully enrolled at that time.
  2. Should places remain, however, for players who have not been involved in our activities, we will solicit nominations from families with players who have participated in the Coerver program .
  3. Finally, players can be nominated by their team and club coaches – those who work with these young athletes on a regular basis and can confirm that the players demonstrate the qualities need in this program.

For Questions call Simon at 952-220-1060 or email